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#1 May 31, 2021 07:53:45

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Thyroid and soy

I had RAI in 2007 and have been fine since getting regulated. I take 2 grains of NP Thyroid . I have read a lot about not having soy and my question is Why? Does this apply to both people who have normal thyroids and those who don’t. Also should those of us who had RAI can we use salt with iodine or no iodine?


#2 June 1, 2021 18:36:35

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Thyroid and soy

Hello and welcome - I think the concern with soy is more about its impact on absorption when you take your replacement hormone. So it's generally recommended that you space out soy (along with calcium and iron supplements) 4 hours apart from when you take your meds.

There has actually been a recent recall of NP Thyroid because some of the product analyzed wasn't at full strength, but if you are feeling well, it's hopefully not an issue for you. You can read more here:


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