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#1 Oct. 29, 2020 20:11:20

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Elevated TSH Receptor Ab


Hoping to have some insight please.

Back in June 2020 I had blood work done and it was found that I had elevated TSH levels (my T4 and T3 were within range), the doctor did further blood work and found my TSH Receptor Ab was elevated.

I had a thyroid scan and nodules were seen but there was no inflammation, so was cleared.

Since then, I have moved home and I am currently being seen by another doctor, and I have had three lots of further blood work done (bi-weekly from the end of September until last week) and my TSH levels and T3 and T4 were all normal and within range, but my TSH Receptor Ab is still slightly elevated.

I am not getting too much information and not sure how to proceed from here… do I wait and see?

It would be good to understand it all a bit more and to know where to go from here and if there is anything I should be doing? - I haven't yet been given any diagnoses so not 100% sure if it is Graves Disease/or the start of it?

Thank you all in advance.


#2 Oct. 30, 2020 12:29:31

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Elevated TSH Receptor Ab

Hello - My understanding is that TRAb measures both blocking and stimulating antibodies in Graves' disease. Your doctor will likely not initiate treatment unless you go hyper (high T3/T4, low TSH) or hypo (low T3/T4, high TSH). (Or possibly if TSH goes out of range *and* you feel symptomatic.) It's a super frustrating waiting game, but it sounds like your doctor is keeping close tabs on your levels and your antibodies.

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