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#1 Jan. 10, 2018 09:21:38

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side effects from uptake test

HI, I have had graves disease, since Aug.29th, when I ending up at ER for high H.R. I have been taking Beta Blocker and Tapazole, felt better , hoping to go into remission But my liver function test are still staying high. This has been very scary. I had a uptake thyroid scan and my levels stayed high and my gland is large. The radiologist wanted me to do the RAI treatment I had trouble with the uptake test , the pill made my mouth have ulcers and lost taste. And on the 3 day a severe bloat in abdominal area and where liver is a lot of pain. Has anyone had trouble after this test?
I am very unsure about RAI , have anyone had trouble afterwards. I am 64 yrs old. and would love to hear from group on positive and negative issues.
Thank you,


#2 Jan. 10, 2018 10:21:51

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side effects from uptake test

Hello and welcome - I would urge you to contact your provider ASAP on the symptoms that you are experiencing. Hyperthyroidism itself can cause elevated liver enzymes, but Tapazole can also affect the liver. Best to err on the side of caution and get in to see your doctor!

Hopefully, others here will chime in with their experiences with RAI. You can also use the “search posts” feature to look for posts by keyword - RAI, radioiodine, etc..

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