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#1 Nov. 25, 2017 04:24:51

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Question regarding Endo visits since TT

If weight loss moves tsh upward, just take more levothyroxine. With methimazole, you have a diseased thyroid chugging out thyroid hormone erratically. With levo, what you take is what you get, no thyroid to suddenly mess you up. My dose has been the same for four years, but my weight has never changed except when I take steroids, which is short term. Everyone tends to blame every bout of fatigue, headache, muscle pain, etc on thyroid, forgetting those things happened before Graves but tended to be ignored as most people do not feel totally wonderful every day! If I started focusing on a symptom, it took on a life of its own so I learned early to go by the numbers and not blame my normal for me allergies, headaches, etc on thyroid. So when I say I feel totally normal, I mean I feel exactly as I did preGraves, with my occassional migraines, joint pains, bouts of insomnia, dry skin, down days, etc., all normal for me!


#2 Nov. 25, 2017 07:57:55

From: New England
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Question regarding Endo visits since TT

Well said, Liz, and a great reminder for all of us. I just recently (three weeks or so) adopted the same concept….. not every little thing my body does can be attributed to my lack of thyroid, or my weight change, or my change in diet, etc. It MIGHT be one of those things, it might be a combination of all three, it might be the weather, or it might just be ME. I have started to “accept” that I'm not going to feel wonderful every week of my life.

But, on the other hand, I still try to analyze and figure out what MIGHT BE causing symptoms if they seem to come out of the blue. I would love to be able to figure out which are things in my control and which are not (kind of like the Serenity Prayer, “ . . . . the wisdom to know the difference”).

I can feel that my TSH level is moving again right now and will have blood drawn soon to figure out which way it's going, and I think I have a hunch why it might be shifting, but rather than obsess on it or try to “fix it”, I'm just going to try to narrow it down to see if it's something I can adjust, and if not, I'll just adjust my Synthroid.

Hope you all (or those of you in the states) had a nice Thanksgiving.

Goiter for 25 years, diagnosed with Graves in 2006, Methimazole with one 12-month remission, total thyroidectomy July 16, 2013.

“People don't always remember what you say or what you do, but they always remember the way you made them feel.”


#3 Nov. 28, 2017 11:35:17

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Question regarding Endo visits since TT

If weight loss moves tsh upward, just take more levothyroxine.

Just a note that for many who lose weight, lab tests confirm that a *reduction* in replacement hormone is needed. AZGravesGuy's story was not just about overall weight loss - but also about adding a significant amount of lean muscle mass.

Since the “rule of thumb” dosing recommendations deal only with weight, it would be very interesting to see further research on the affect of body composition on dosing requirements.

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