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#1 May 27, 2017 16:59:13

Registered: 2016-07-09
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Orbital Decompression


I was really worried about getting orbital decompression done. Once my Graves had burned out I had the surgery done. It was completely a breeze. They went in through my nose/sinuses. Not even any bruising, black eyes. You could hardly tell anything had happened. After a week of nose bleeds, I was 100%. If I knew it was going to be that easy, I would not have wasted so much of my time worrying. Also, I am over 50, so to clear me for surgery, they did an EKG (and Cardiac Stress Test) which turned out just fine. So no problems with the anesthesiology and surgery. If your doctor has recommended it, and your Graves has done what it's going to do, go for it. You will be very happy that you did. And yes, make sure to go to a doc who is familiar with, proficient in this specific surgery.

Lettuce know how you're doing and how it turns out.


#2 Feb. 28, 2019 10:21:08

From: Solsberry, Indiana
Registered: 2016-06-23
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Orbital Decompression

Hi all - I am getting ready to schedule the orbital decompression and I am scared to death - almost scared enough to not schedule it. I have never been put under before - very very scared. I am a bit hyper right now, which could be contributing to the anxiety. Was taken off methimazole briefly. Next blood test revealed no detectable TSH so I am adjusting to being back on it.

Any words of encouragement would be appreciated.


#3 Feb. 28, 2019 16:05:33

Online Facilitator
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Orbital Decompression

Hello - I've not had an OD, but we've heard many success stories from patients who have. Having an experienced surgeon who has taken the time to go over the risks & benefits with you is key.

You might also be interested in joining our closed Facebook group for some additional feedback, as that group has more activity than this one. From the main FB Page, you can click Visit/Join Group.


Wishing you all the best!

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#4 March 1, 2019 04:15:57

Registered: 2014-02-25
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Orbital Decompression

It is not as bad as you are anticipating. You might have two uncomfortable postop days. If you do not do it and your TED recurs, you run the risk of optic neuritis as you have no space to spare in your orbits. TED recurs more often than they previously thought. I have had one flareup three years after it was completely burned out. I was grateful that I had had the ODs because there was no pressure put on the nerve, just some irritation and worsening diplopia, all of which were resolved with a short course of high dose oral prednisone. It makes a huge difference in dryness and appearance. My life would be miserable if I had not had the orbital decompressions. I was 65 the first time I had general anesthesia for the thyroidectomy and I was scared, but it turned out to be no big deal. I have had it twice more, ODs and strabismus surgery, since then with no issues at all. You will be fine.


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