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#1 March 16, 2017 14:59:13

From: Illinois
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High naturethroid dose/.02 TSH

I've been thru RAI and was undermedicated at 50 mcg synthroid a day; different docs, same dose. One problem is that I'm not hungry, don't eat much (even with proteins and veggies I feel like a slug after I eat) but gain weight. Current doc says I'm lying about my food intake and recommended lap band surgery. At 700 calories a day, we had some strong words…he doesn't know it but he's fired.
Pretty sure 0.02 TSH isn't good; doc also said I never need another thyroid scan.
Had lots of surgeries so exercise is difficult but at my caloric intake? T4 & T3 are ok but I shake like crazy. I hated synthroid but the naturethroid dose is 294.5. Went to Mayo and the (young) endo was appalled at my levels. Adjusted carbs to 40mg/ day to improve sleep.
Any thoughts are welcome.

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#2 March 16, 2017 19:57:31

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High naturethroid dose/.02 TSH

Hello - Yes, the doctors prefer to see your TSH come up to the “normal” range, even if T3/T4 are OK. Did the doctor talk to you about adjusting your dose?

For those who have suppressed TSH, but normal T3/T4 and feel well at that dose, it can sometimes be a challenge to get the doc to leave the dose where it is. (Shirley on the forum has had this experience). But since you noted that you have the shakes, working with the doc to reduce your dose of the Naturethroid might make a difference.

I'm not a doctor, but 700 calories a day does NOT sound like enough to get all the nutrients that your body needs. I was on 1300 cal/day for a while, and I was tired and cranky, cranky, cranky!! Perhaps a consult with a nutritionist might get you on a better path.

Take care - and please keep us posted!


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