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How We Can Help!

Patient & Program Services provided by the GDATF include:

  • Free online informational publications on specific topics of interest.
  • An online community forum, hosted by trained facilitators.
  • Local educational events, featuring internationally recognized experts.
  • A network of volunteer-led community support groups.
  • A toll-free hotline for information and support.
  • An e-newsletter and print newsletter featuring current news and information. (Print newsletter delivered twice per year to members).

Has the GDATF helped you or a loved one?  Please contact us at 877-643-3123 or [email protected] to share your story!

     "The day after I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease, I learned that the Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation was having it's annual conference right in my hometown of San Diego that very weekend, just 15 minutes from my house.  Now if that is not serendipity, I don't know what is.  My parents offered to finance the conference fee for my husband and I so we could learn more about the disease and how to move forward from my diagnosis.  Attending the conference was one of the biggest blessings we could ever have asked for.  Having a room full of experts in the field of thyroid disease and meeting other people who have struggled with and successfully managed the disease was more informative than we ever could have imagined.  In addition, the materials and support provided via email and Facebook have been really helpful to have along my journey with Graves' Disease.  I am forever grateful for this organization and the people that run it."
     Laurin (via e-mail)   

     "The GDATF has been my go to site since my diagnosis of Graves and TED in 2011.  The initial diagnosis is so frightening - for most of us, it is the first time we have ever heard the word and so have no prior knowledge of the disease and what to expect. The web can be a dangerous place for someone who is already anxious and sick, along with being unfamiliar about the disease itself and what resources are available. The GDATF has provided me tangible information that I can use to make treatment decisions with my doctor; has provided me a forum to ask questions and to find others with similiar disease experience; but mostly the GDATF is a welcoming friendly community of educated people who know what this struggle is like. The site is well managed and the fact that products cannot be recommended, along with NOT giving medical advice, makes it a safe place to get information.
It is reassuring and comforting to know that there is a place where I can go that people understand my concerns and are willing to offer good information. The site has been invaluable for me."
     Patricia Megerle (via e-mail)

          “This foundation has been a God send to me! Thank you!”

     J.D.M (via Facebook)

     "I don't post that often but I do read alot so I don't feel alone anymore. I can't believe no doctors or medical personnel ever told me of this wonderful site–I discovered it watching and episode of “Clean House” on the Style Network and that is how I first spoke to Kimberly. What a wonderful day that was. Now I come here to read and post a comment or two occasionally. I am totally thankful to have found them and through them I have finally found some doctors who actually know something about this maddening disease!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!"
     vgould (via online forum)

     "GDATF has been my absolute saviour. I shudder to think back on where I was at before I found it, and what could have happened to me had I not. Here I have found a safe, positive, informative and supportive environment.
     The instant acceptance of other members, and talking to and reading others experiences, has me feeling a unique bond. Kinda like I now have a second family, only more understanding because they have similar experiences.
     I know I can trust the info here and the information provided has been an invaluable source of knowledge. 
     When it all becomes too much for me and I feel like I just can't do this Graves thing anymore, there is always someone here to support me through it. Noone here has judged me, the support is unconditional. I have gained so much knowledge and insight into whats happening to me and my life, and some great strategies to help along the way. Joining GDATF has greatly reduced my isolation of having Graves, I am not alone and there are people who understand."
     Rae (via online forum)

     "There are so many aspects to Graves that Drs. don’t tell you. Only on here did I find that I’m not alone in any part of this adventure."
     R.B.B. (via Facebook)

     "It’s nice to know my husband isnt going through some weird thing and his symptoms are similar to other people.
     This disease is horrible and hard to deal with it was very comforting to hear others opinions on treatment ideas 
     Thank you thank you thank you is all I can say."
     Lisamac (via online forum)

     "I stumbled on this site in attempt to educate myself on Graves' disease two years ago when my son was diagnosed at 14. I was relieved to finally hear from someone.....anyone what they were feeling. At the time we felt as if the docs at that time were dismissing my sons symptoms. It was such a difficult time and this sight became more than a sounding board it was an excellent resource tool. It helped me get a better understanding of what my child was going through, and when the time came for surgery or RAI, I felt that we made an educated decision. The support on this page was amazing!"
     K.S. (via Facebook)

     Hi all,
     Just a quick little verse.  It’s directed to everyone in our GDATF community, from the people whose names we see to the (no doubt) many, many nameless people behind the scenes who have all become my inspiration - well done all. Your immense support cannot be written in words, but means so much to me.

The GDATF and it's wonderful community
has taught me so much about auto-immunity.
With information and support I trust,
joining in is certainly a must.
The stories and questions we share
are read and answered by people who care.

From the sweating, the aches and pains,
the racing hearts, the rage just some of the complains.
Someone who has been there before,
gives us all hope to be sure.
This Disease we all share,
including my wide open stare.

From many, many miles away,
“I come from the land Down Under” I say.
The compassion and support cannot be measured,
the understanding and caring truly is treasured.
In closing I loudly must state
“It's great having you all as a mate.”

A.K.A. Robboford
Sydney Australia (via online forum)

     "I was diagnosed my freshmen year in college and this site has helped me tremendously in the last four years. None of my professors and classmates knew what Graves Disease was and being 6 hours from my family was tough enough without being ill. This gave me the sense of support and community I need(ed) to get through my day to day life as well as my classes and assignments."
     B.O. (via Facebook)

     "GDATF is a tremendous resource of patient experiences and medical information. The community has welcomed me with open arms and I am grateful to have access to the collective experience of those who have posted. Before finding GDATF I was scared, confused, alone, and without hope. Now I feel empowered to take charge of my health and I am not afraid of GD anymore."
     AzGraves’Guy (via online forum)

     "I love this site. It is so far superior to any other. I trolled around just a bit before I found it. I have encouraged every doctor I know to refer this site to their patients. My experience has been so very difficult with TED, and the facilitators and fellow posters have saved my life several times. It is so wonderful to see prior poster return to the site, be there for others, and let us all know that you really DO get better from Graves' and from TED. 
I encourage anyone who can possibly attend, to go to the conferences. I have been to two, and they are marvelous. This organization has the oversight and expertise needed to really help. And yes, there is a lot of scary, and sometimes very frightening and dangerous on some of the sites on the web."
     Shirley (via online forum)

     "Thanks guys for reminding me I'm not alone..Cheers everyone!"
     J.H. (via Facebook)

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