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#1 Nov. 29, 2012 12:42:14

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Joint/Muscle Pain - How common?

Well, numbness isn't something I experienced, but the swelling was. I would suggest that you CALL the doctor's office and explain that you think you need a blood test to see where your levels are. Some of us do start going hypo 8 weeks after RAI, and the sooner you get that stopped, the better.

We do not need to go terribly hypo before our doctor's will intervene, so don't panic. The replacement hormone, once it is prescribed, starts to work immediately.

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#2 April 10, 2014 18:36:01

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Joint/Muscle Pain - How common?

Hello, all..

I know this post a a bit old, but was just looking through all the posts and searched for thyrotoxic myopathy and this came up. I was diagnosed with this 04/2013.

WWWI2 (and anyone else with thyrotoxic myopathy):

(1) How are you doing now?

(2) Are you feeling 100 percent better, muscle-wise?

(3) How long did it take to regain muscle strength?

I hope you are doing better by this time. Good luck to all.


#3 July 29, 2016 04:44:14

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Joint/Muscle Pain - How common?

Thank you for writing!! I too have joint and muscle pain w extreme heaviness at times. I also have had tendonitis im my hands and superficial phlebitis in fingers/hands and bilateral pre tibial myxedema. I'm not sure I can always relate feeling bad to levels.


#4 Sept. 30, 2017 19:51:08

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Joint/Muscle Pain - How common?

Just posting here, in case any subscribers might like to read my post under “Share Your Success Story” - it describes the happy (if very long time happening!) outcome of my Joint/Muscle Pain - Gone! Hope you have found relief from this, too, and are doing well.


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