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Why Attend

The goal of the Foundation's educational programming is not only to provide educational and research information, but also to provide a supportive, social environment for patients, family members, and caregivers who have been impacted by Graves’ disease, Thyroid Eye Disease, and other thyroid related disorders. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had thyroid disease for many years, the Foundation's programs will be extremely valuable to you, your family and loved ones.

  • Listen to world-renowned doctors and researchers discuss treatment options and the latest research studies
  • Spend time with conference experts, who will be available to answer general questions
  • Network with others who understand what you're going through
  • Become empowered through education to become more effective in your own health care communications with your doctor

The opportunity to share challenges, concerns, and coping strategies with others who truly understand what they have been through provides patients and family members with a sense of both relief and empowerment.  Comments from past attendees include:

“I learned more in a few days than I had in years – I cannot thank you enough.”

"Each conference teaches me something new, and interacting with other patients is comforting and helps me feel I am not alone."

“Overall it was great, informative and I am so very thankful for all that you at the Foundation do.  Thank you!!”

 “The conference was very helpful, especially being able to talk with the doctors and other people diagnosed with Graves’”.

“The conference was incredible.....so much information!”

“The information on Thyroid Eye Disease was wonderful and so very helpful.  I appreciate all the time devoted with those sessions."

"I am extremely impressed with the presenters!  They are outstanding.

"I loved every minute of the conference.  SO empowering.  Thank you, thank you.

"Wonderful presenters, wonderful openness to questions at any time.  Meals together were great.  Breakout groups - very helpful, fun, moving.

"Wonderful!  Time and money well spent!  Thank you!

"The lecturers were excellent.  Meeting so many others and hearing their stories was amazing."

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