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Reading List for Physicians

Bahn, Rebecca.
Thyroid Eye Disease.  Springer; 8th edition, June 1, 2001.  264 Pages.

Braverman, Lewis E., editor
Diseases of the Thyroid.  Humana Press, Totowa, N. J., 2003.  385 Pages, Illustrated

Braverman, Lewis and Robert D. Utiger Lippincott, editors
Werner and Ingbar's the Thyroid: A Fundamental and Clinical Text.  8th ed. Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA, 2000. 1081 Pages.

Felig, Philip, and Lawrence Forhman
Endocrinolgy and Metabolism.  McGraw-Hill Medical; International student ed. of 4th revised edition.  June 1, 2001.  2016 Pages.

Gardner, David and Dolores Shoback
Greenspan's Basic & Clinical Endocrinology.  Eighth Edition.  Lange Medical Books.  McGraw-Hill Medical; 8 edition (January 19, 2007).  960 Pages.
New edition to be released June 2011.

George, Jake & Patterson, Nancy
Graves’ Disease-In Our Own Words.  Cocoa Beach, FL:  Blue Note Publications, 2002 (2010 – in revision)

Kronenberg, Henry M. (Author), Shlomo Melmed (Editor), Kenneth S. Polonsky (Editor), and P. Reed Larsen (Editor)
Williams Textbook of Endocrinology. 11th ed. October 23, 2007
“Expert Consult” edition due to be released May 2011

Randolph, Greg
Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands.  W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia, PA 2003. 495 Pages with 414 illus.
A comprehensive and up-to-date review of thyroid surgery that can be helpful to physicians as well as patients.

Scherbaum, W.A., U. Bogner, B. Weinheimer, and G.F. Bottazzo, editors
Autoimmune Thyroiditis.  Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1991 308 pgs. 67 figures 47 tables.

Walfish, Paul G., Jack R. Wall and Robert Volpe, editors
Autoimmunity and the Thyroid.  Academic Press, Orlando, Fl. 1985 450 Pages.

Wiersinga, W.M. and G.J. Kahaly, editors
Graves’ Orbitopathy:  A Multidisciplinary Approach.  S. Karger AG, Basel Switzerland.  2007.  260 pages, Illustrated

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    Thank you so much Shirley. I thought TT meant thyroid treatment verses radiation or surgery. Opps. Although...

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