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Patient Bulletins

The Graves’ Disease  and Thyroid Foundation has posted informational “Bulletins” on Graves’ disease to our website.
These bulletins cover several areas of concern that are beneficial to patients and family members. The bulletins are in pdf form so they're printable from your home computer. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like information on, send us a message in the Contact Us section of our website.


Diagnosis & Treatment Options

1. Graves' Disease – Hyperthyroidism

2. Treating Graves' with radioactive iodine

3. Tapazole and Propylthiouracil in Graves' Disease

4. Treatment of Graves' Disease - An Overview

5. Thyroidectomy for Graves' - Surgical Option

6. Thyroid Hormone Replacement and other Medications

7. Treating Graves' - different strokes for different folks

8. Beta Blockers in Graves' Disease

Graves’ Eye Disease

9.  Graves' Disease - Eye Interventions

10. Graves' Ophthalmopathy - What Is It?

11. Graves' Disease - Rehabilitative Surgery

12. Graves' Disease - Eyelid Surgery

13. Eye Changes with Graves' - Continuing Concepts

14. Graves' Disease – Double Vision

15. Graves' Ophthalmopathy and Radiation Therapy

16. Dry eyes

17. Glaucoma and Graves' Disease

18. Anatomical Pictures of Normal vs. Graves' Eye Muscles

19. Dry Eyes, Watery Eyes, Itching Eyes

20. Thyroid Related Orbitopathy (TRO)

21. Graves' Eye Disease - treating the inflamed phase

22. A Letter From Your Eye Doctor

Psychosocial & Emotional Effects

23. Living with Graves' Disease

24. Me, Bush and Graves’ Disease

25. Living With a Rare Disorder - I

26. Living With a Rare Disorder - II

27. Living With a Rare Disorder - III

28. An Open Letter to Husbands of Graves' Patients

29. Graves' Disease - A Man's Perspective

30. Neuropsychiatric Complaints in Graves' patients

31. Unmasking and Dealing with Depression - I

32. Unmasking and Dealing with Depression – II

33. Mind & Body Connection - attitudes affect your health

34. What’s Wrong With Me

Other Topics

35. Graves' Disease and Pregnancy

36. Students & Graves’

37. Osteoporosis and Thyroid Disease

38. Signs & Symptoms of Thyroid Disease (illustrated)

39. Signs and Symptoms - Thyroid Disease in Children

40. Cholesterol Management in Graves' Disease

41. What to Ask Your Doctor? A Good Question

42. Understanding Your Blood Tests

43. Nutrition

44. Food and Drug Interactions

45. Graves' patients & Non-prescription drugs

46.  Graves' Disease and Pregnancy Planning - 2010

47.  Graves' Disease and Pregnancy - 2010

48.  Thyroid Ultrasound 101

49.  A Short History of Graves' Disease Reporting in North American Newspapers

50.  Radioiodine Treatment for Thyroid Disease

51.  Diagnosis and Treatment of Subclinical Hypothyroidism

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