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Message from our Founder

NancyI would like to welcome you to the GDATF website. I believe the information you find here will help you better understand Graves’ disease and other thyroid related illnesses.

Established in 1990 as the National Graves' Disease Foundation, the Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Foundation is the leading source of help and hope for people with Graves’ disease and other thyroid related disorders.  We provide education and support for patients, family members, caregivers, friends and healthcare professionals.

The Foundation is a 501 C(3) tax-exempt non-profit international charitable organization. GDATF has helped thousands of patients better understand the symptoms and treatment programs for Graves' disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of Graves’ disease can cause stress, confusion, and even fear of what the future holds for you and your family. The Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Foundation’s mission is to provide patient services, public education, professional education, and to fund research. Patient programs include a toll-free hotline that provides individual counseling, physician referral, and a bulletin board where anyone can ask questions about the disease. The Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation offers support groups that provide educational, psychological and emotional assistance to Graves' patients and family members.

On a personal note, when I was initially diagnosed, I thought Graves’ would be something to be treated, take the medicine, and get on with life. As many of you have discovered, this is NOT always the case. When it quickly became a struggle, I began to look for information, and for people to talk to that had faced the same concerns. When this proved impossible, I began an effort to start this Foundation. With the support of my Endocrinologist and Reconstructive surgeon, I was led to medical experts both nationally and internationally who were most willing to share their expertise in treating Graves’. They have kept us abreast of new research that is searching for the cause and cure for Graves’. Through these years, I have been honored to join hands with many dedicated volunteers who believe that the Foundation can educate, encourage and empower patients and caregivers to improve the quality of their lives.

Please visit our Forum (formerly called the Online Bulletin Board Support Group) where patients ask and respond to others questions on a myriad of subjects. Foundation facilitators monitor these posts and offer valuable insights on the topics discussed. Our Informational Bulletins are now posted on the web under About ==>About Graves' Disease==>Patient Education. You can download and read them online or print them from your personal computer. We are honored to have Dr. Terry Smith serve as Chief Medical & Scientific Officer with his knowledge and expertise on Graves' disease.

The Foundation has embarked on a major fundraising campaign so we can reach the thousands of others seeking help and fund research. Special thanks go to Kathleen and Steve Flynn for their philanthropic support to the Foundation. Recently, their Bell Charitable Foundation awarded us the largest gift ever to provide the seed money to make our dreams a reality.

However, in order to achieve these goals we need the generosity of donors like you! I encourage you to help us make a difference in the lives of those with Graves’ through this Website. Start today by making an online donation. If you become a member you will receive free patient education materials, our newsletter, and discounts at national meetings.

Whether you are living with Graves’ disease yourself, know someone who is, or simply trying to gather useful information, you have a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of other patients including children affected by Graves’ disease.

The Foundation is expanding patient programs and needs individuals who want to give something back to their community. Are you interested in becoming a GDATF volunteer? Help us increase public awareness in your own community by starting a support group, or organizing a fundraiser for GDATF. Call us at 877-643-3123 or e-mail us at info@ngdf.org for more details.

Together we can make a difference!

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